Aventeq supply a comprehensive range of industry standard Truss. All stock is subjected to a 6 monthly check and is fully covered under LOLER. Our rigging is lightweight and easy to assemble. Need help? We can advise on requirements, deliver and collect, install and take down... the full service.

Stock Includes

3m , 2m, 1m, 0.5m, 0.25m
Universal Corner Block
1000kg Pick-up Beams
60cm Square Aluminium Base Plate (No Connections)
1m Square110kg Steel Base Plate (Male Connectons)

rigging 1

rigging 2

rigging 4

All OV Truss is supplied with custom made dolly and wheels.

Lightbeam MK II

Litebeam MK II is a lightweight trussing system providing a quick but structurally powerful solution to most exhibition and smaller presentation requirements.

rigging lightbeam

Manufactured using 6082 -T6 aluminium alloy Litebeam MK II is quick and easy to assemble using Slick's unique taper fitting system.

This forms a neat and rigid joint and combines with the high quality alloy to provide the truss with an exceptional load capacity for its size. Coupled with Liteladder and Litemast, Litebeam MK II can be configured to satisfy a wide range of demands in almost every market to which it can be applied, deceptively strong, this system has been used successfully in night-clubs, theatres, exhibitions, corporate presentations and tours.

Litebeam MK II comes in lengths from 0.25m to 6m with Male taper fittings at one end and Female the other. Corners are supplied with Female fittings and Female to Male adapters, this significantly reduces the number of corners required to configure truss to the required design.

Liteladder and Litemast adapters are available to add extra design opportunities to the system. Litebeam MK II can be supplied in a variety of powder coated finishes and circles can be made to your specification.

rigging 3

Lightbeam Stock

0.25m LB5
0.5m LB5/VD/A
1m LB5/VDA/B
2m LB7
3m LB8/VD


0.5m 2m
1m 3m

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