Aventeq used a GEO S12/CD18 line array system to handle the largest corporate event in Serbian history; marking the purchase of an Airbus A319 for a new national airline.

Aventeq, which handles all Etihad events in Europe, coordinated all three launches, which consisted of speeches and presentations interspersed with dramatic recorded music and rounded off by a live string quartet accompanied by percussion.

10x NEXO GEO S12 flexible mid-sized cabinets and 2x CD18 cardioid sub basses were groundstacked, with 4x PS15-R2 speakers used around the hangar as infills, and 4x 45°N12 line monitors for stage sound, all powered by 5x NXAMPs.

serbia 01

The Novak Djokovic Airbus, named after Serbian tennis champion, was purchased following an agreement between the Government of Serbia and Etihad Airways to reorganise and rebrand the country’s largest air traffic company, Jat Airways, into Air Serbia. Three unveilings of the aircraft were organised in the main hangar of Jat Tehnika. The first was for the company’s 900 employees, the second for press, and finally the aircraft was unveiled to members of the government and diplomatic core, as well as local businessmen.

“The sound was superb, with even coverage, and intelligibility uncompromised by the hangar’s difficult acoustics and a large number of open condenser microphones,” says Milan Scepanovic, general manager of Light and Sound Design. “The sound quality was highly praised by professionals and attendees alike.”