On June 25th, Team Aventeq took on one of the countries toughest obstacle course runs, appropriately called “The Suffering”.

As hardened AV professionals, the guys are well versed in unloading artic trucks in record time, and carrying all types of equipment from venue to venue, but nothing could prepare them for “The Suffering.”

Aventeq - The Suffering Race Rockingham Castle

Set in the grounds of Rockingham Castle, Leicestershire, the team (Left to Right: Scott Felstead, Ash Pringle, James Bramwell, Danny Parkinson, Andrew Deane, and Richard Fitzgerald) battled the elements to complete more than 25 obstacles which included scaling high nets, wading through mud, climbing hills whilst carrying weights, tunnels, monkey bars, and more.

In fact, the advertised 10K turned out to be 14K. The course took around 4 hours to complete. Never has a course lived up to its name like this one did!

The Suffering Race 10k Rockingham

In the months leading up to this event, the team took the race very seriously, training for stamina and long distance running. Whilst the event was a huge challenge for all involved, great fun was had on the day.

The Suffering 10k Aventeq

Even more rewarding than collecting a medal at the finish line (you had to get past 3 burly rugby players first) was the knowledge that Aventeq, through the efforts of the team, and the full support of the company and employees, raised £565 for MIND, and Cancer Research charities.

The Suffering 10k Rockingham Castle

Aventeq would like to thank all our colleagues and clients for the amazing support and sponsorship.