Since 1715, Hereford Cathedral has been one of the venues to host the 3 Choirs Festival. In July, Aventeq provided a skilled team of eight who made the journey to this historic building in order to setup a live relay of the performances, lighting, video displays, and rigging.

The project involved 8 rig days, and Aventeq provided technical support on site for the duration of the festival (25th July - 1st August) in order to assist the stage manager and television crew.

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Aventeq, the fast expanding AV specialists based in Solihull, who provide event production and support all over the world, supplied a video distribution system for 30 display screens which was necessary for the daily 1800 seat audience to see the live TV relays. A full control room was installed above the north entrance.

A 2.8m high camera platform was installed for a Sony HXC-100 HD Triax camera channel - fitted with a Canon HJ40 x 14 lens to capture detailed close range shots of the soloists on stage. A further five remote controlled cameras were used to cover the entire orchestra and choir area.

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For the project, Aventeq ran a total of 4km of cable for video, audio, and mains!

The team at Aventeq set up all the specialist rigging (they have extensive rigging stock in-house), microphones, lighting and display screens. Quite a challenge when you consider the TV lighting needed to be 12m off the ground. A long reach access boom was utilised. When the system was completed it was handed over to a team that provided relay coverage of the numerous 3 Choirs Festival performances spread over the 8 days.

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Some of the equipment included: 8 x 2kw Arri blondes, 4 x 1kw Parcans, 4 x 1.5kw floods for lighting. A Sony Triax video camera channel with a Canon HJ40 x 14 lens. 5 x remote controlled pan, tilt and zoom cameras. 30 display screens ranging from 42” to 60”. The control room was equipped with vision and audio mixers, crew communications, lighting control, plus preview and transmission monitoring for the broadcast.

The results were stunning, providing a beautiful showcase in an iconic venue. Aventeq's Project Manager for this assignment was Fraser McCaig who commented:

"This was the first time that the 3 Choirs Festival had decided to limit the amount of main contractors to just two. Aventeq were thrilled to be chosen for the technical support, rigging, and Arena Seating for the build of the choir and orchestra stage.”

Festival Operations Director Stewart Taylor said:

“As this was the 300th year of the festival, we were determined to wow everyone in attendance. The Aventeq team took a lot of care to deliver the neatest technical rig we can remember. A number of people told us how good it looked, including members of the cathedral clergy. I was delighted with the care and commitment shown by the Aventeq team: it was a pleasure to work with them.”

With record ticket sales this year, Aventeq were proud to be part of the musical celebrations, and were able to show that with the right people, and the right technology, wonderful events can be realised.

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As first published on AV Interactive.

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